Guests Wanted!

Shari and I have learnt the hard way that we aren’t experts on everything eBay.  Is anybody?

So here’s a bunch of topics that would be an on-air train-wreck if we tried to handle ourselves.  Maybe you could do better?

Think of you being Griff while Shari or I be Lee (assuming you’re an old skool eBayer).

We’re looking for a tight ten minutes, on-topic, with enough detail that others can learn something from your experience and expertise.  We’ll get straight to the point as the listener’s time is precious.  So we won’t ask about your first sale, the weather in your city, your favorite color or whatever…

Shoot us an email at and we’ll set up a time to talk to you.  You’ll need a computer or phone that has a headset connected so that we get clean audio.

Thanks for your help!



Suggested Content


eBay Promotions

There’s a number of ways you can pay to promote your listings on eBay.  Which do you use and when?  How do you drive incremental sales for the lowest spend?  How do you ensure that you’re not leaving money on the table?  How do you measure your return on ad spend?

If you want to pick just one promo type and focus on that then that would work also

Saying ‘ No’

How do you decide which items to sell and which items to pass on?  What’s your “get out of bed” return on a deal?  Do you make exceptions and in what circumstances?


Going Multichannel

Starting with an eBay store full of inventory, how difficult (and advisable) is it to open up a second channel to market?  Can this be done without having to re-enter everything a second time?  How do you then sync across multiple platforms?  What skills do you need and what’s the likely financial upside?


eBay Standard International

ESI- eBay’s own international shipping option with duty being paid upon delivery.  How does this fit with other international shipping options?  What are the gotchas?  When should you use and no use this system?  Any experience of disputes and claims?